Our beers

We have many different beers to offer. One for every weather and occasion. What is most important – they all taste like proper Hiiumaa beer should taste and take you to the awfully awesome island in your mind, heart and on your tongue.


Kassari Talveölut (Winter Beer)

0,33l alc 7% Stout

Stronger beers have usually been made for Christmas or other big events. Kassari Talveölut is made once a year for the local Christmas fair and serves to celebrate any important occasion throughout the year. Kassari Talveölut has hints of malt, cocoa, coffee, Christmas spirit and Midsummer day snow.


Kassari IPA

0,33l Alc 5,9% Indian pale ale

Back in the day, sailors poured beer into sea for good luck. Wether IPA-style beer that is usually more like a long distance sailor, was really thrown to the sea lords, is unknown. One-day sea trips are not really comparable to long ocean rides and there is no fear of beer getting bad. Kassari IPA is more of a short haul IPA. It has less malt than usual, but definitely enough.


Kassari Special Brew

0,33l Alc 6% Pale ale

Juniper traditionally plays a very important role in the beer making processes of the coastal folk. Hot juniper water has been used to clean beer making instruments and dishes. Juniper branches to make a sieve for the filtrate which gives it the slight juniper taste so characteristic to Hiiumaa. Kassari Special Brew has a heavier body and is a bit more toasted. It has been rinsed through the traditional juniper sieve for that soft misty juniper taste.


Kassari Dark

0,33l Alc 5,2% Dark ale

Beer is mostly made of barley malt, hop and water. On Hiiumaa, juniper is widely used in beer making as well. Bog-myrtle, wild rosemary, wormwood or aspen bark are not foreign neither. Naturally, it is important to mix the ingredients with the right balance. Kassari Dark doesn’t play with all these tastes, yet combines lots of different malts and hops to make a mild dark beer that is easy to drink and has many different taste variations.


Kassari Light

0,33l Alc 5,3% Pale ale

Back in the day, every Hiiumaa household made their own beer. And everyone knew whose beer would end the party quicker or whose beer would keep the men around longer. Kassari Light is a simple pale ale with a traditional sweeter, malty, notably, yet mildly hop tasting beer. Kassari Light is the kind of beer that keeps men around for longer.